Eagle SS
Thermal Duration
, F3B and Slope
Image of F3B Eagle SE
Wing Span: 112.5"
Wing Area: 935 sq. in.
Airfoil: RG-15
Aspect Ratio: 13.5:1
Weight: ~75 oz.
Wing Loading: ~11.5 oz./sq. ft.

Look what's diving out of the sky! For all who have been wondering the status of and where to procure an Eagle SS, the wait is over. The Eagle has landed. The Mark Allen designed Eagle, now designated SS, is now being produced by RnR.

This is the legendary World Championship Eagle SS, in its traditional form that you have come to rely on for its zoom launching and high G load banking strength. Newly updated, now with a nosecone instead of a canopy, a new carbon wing joiner and full flying stabs, this is the Eagle SS you know and have heard so much about.

This fully loaded thermal duration, and F3B competition sailplane flexes its prowess with its multi-taper RG-15 airfoil. One noticeable change is its lower price.

Kit Parts List:
1- Assembly Manual
3- Wing Panels
2- Carbon Fiber Wing Joiner
1- Stabilizer
1- Fuselage
1- Nose Cone
1- Rudder
1- Rudder Pushrod
1- Stabilizer Pushrod
1- Rudder Post
1- Elevator Rocker
3- Plastic Flap Leading Edge Gap Seals
1- Complete Hardware Package
Building Services are available. Pricing?