Glossary of terms related to RnR Products


Carbon Fiber, an extremely hard, strong and expensive material used extensively in our aircraft.  It provides extreme strength and rigidity. 

Composite, the manufacture of aircraft or laminated parts using one or more of the following: fiberglass cloth impregnated with epoxy resin, usually in a mold.  It can sometimes be reinforced with Kevlar, Rohacell, carbon fiber or other types of materials that give strength, rigidity, durability, and appearance enhancing techniques, such as gel coating.  In its simplest form it could be fiberglass reinforced resin.

Epoxy Resin, usually a two part bonder that holds all the components of the composite material together.  Many manufacturers use the much cheaper and less durable polyester resin.

Fiberglass, a cloth material used to hold much of the composite structure together.  It is very strong for its weight and absorbs the resins well if manipulated correctly.

Gel Coat, the first step in the manufacture of our products.  Since we use molds, parts are built from the outside in.  It provides an extremely tough and shiny outside surface to our products.

Kevlar, a cloth material much like fiberglass, but many times stronger in impact resistance.  Can be used as a core material with fiberglass or carbon skins to retain the shape of an airfoil.  Slightly heavier than fiberglass.

Rohacell, a flexible foam product that can absorb resins and when applied correctly can give amazing strength in forming a very light structure.  It is very expensive and we use it extensively.