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Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Remotely Piloted Vehicles

RnR Products can quickly turn an idea into a flying prototype. We can build hollow core airfoils using our unique molded "sandwich" construction techniques or whole airframes from the more common laminated technologies with little more than a "sketch on a napkin."

RnR Products have contributed to these Projects.
Insitu Group, Bureau of Meteorology, University of Washington,
Environmental Systems and Services, Melbourne, Australia



Developed the Aerosonde, a UAV for weather observations. In 1998, the Aerosonde became the first UAV to complete a Trans-Atlantic Ocean Crossing.
Requirements included:

  • Strong enough to withstand severe air turbulence.
  • Speed to get "on station" quickly
  • Payload included computers and meteorological equipment
  • Long duration on-site support (Meteorological readings taken and relayed to ground stations.)
  • Low cost

Two sets of wings were developed three weeks after receiving their order. These wings have been used for demonstration flights since 1992. RnR Products have been manufacturing the entire airframe since 1994.

Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, CA
    Delivered a RPV based on the SB-XC cross country sailplane. There was a six week turnaround time from bid to delivery.
Virginia Tech University
    Supplied composite glass/nomex fuselages to support the Virginia State Forestry Department UAV project.