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Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Remotely Piloted Vehicles

RnR Products can quickly turn an idea into a flying prototype. We can build hollow core airfoils using our unique molded "sandwich" construction techniques or whole airframes from the more common laminated technologies with little more than a "sketch on a napkin."

RnR Products have contributed to these Projects.
Insitu Group, Bureau of Meteorology, University of Washington,
Environmental Systems and Services, Melbourne, Australia



RnR Products manufactured the Mark I Aerosonde.  The  Aerosonde was developed as a UAV for weather observations. In 1998, the Aerosonde became the first UAV to complete a Trans-Atlantic Ocean Crossing.
Requirements included:

  • Strong enough to withstand severe air turbulence.
  • Speed to get "on station" quickly
  • Payload included computers and meteorological equipment
  • Long duration on-site support (Meteorological readings taken and relayed to ground stations.)
  • Low cost

Two sets of wings were developed three weeks after receiving their order. These wings have been used for demonstration flights since 1992. 

Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, CA
    Delivered a RPV based on the SB-XC cross country sailplane. There was a six week turnaround time from bid to delivery.
Virginia Tech University
    Supplied composite glass/nomex fuselages to support the Virginia State Forestry Department UAV project.